Preparing for your session.

Simply put, be prepared to look your best. Generally this means making sure your hair and skin are in good shape. It's probably not a good idea to make any radical changes to your normal hygiene regimen just before the shoot, as new skin cleansing and hair care products could bring about unexpected results.

If you're not experienced with hair and makeup, and depending on the type of headshot you're looking for, it can be beneficial to hire a professional makeup artist or hair stylist.

Keep clothing simple. Mid tone colours work best. Avoid all-white which can tend to wash out. Avoid busy patterns that can distract from your face. Since the headshot will primarily focus on the face and upper body, try to pick something that falls well on your shoulders and flatters your neckline.

Get plenty of sleep the night before, eat healthy and light the day of the shoot to avoid feeling bloated or hungry. These will all help you to look your best.


How often should you update your images?

You should get new images whenever your appearance changes substantially. It is important that your photos look like you on your best day. If you change hairstyles, gain or lose weight, or feel you're looking more mature, it is probably time to update your images.

Even if nothing noticeable changes, it can also be a good idea to update your images regularly, perhaps every year or two, just to keep it fresh and in style. A great headshot should feel timeless, but hair and clothing styles do change.