Are you a designer, crafter, baker or maker?  Would you like to learn some photography tricks of the trade to enhance your product photography?

It's not rocket science in getting an accurate, what-you-see, beautifully styled product or food shot, especially with digital cameras allowing for some trial and error to perfect your skill.

Learn how to get the perfect white background (without Photoshop or fancy studio lights):


Learn how to get true black backgrounds (without Photoshop):


Learn how to use different types of background and get lifestyle shots:


So with the help of a camera, a tripod and a Product Photography Workshop, independent creative businesses are learning to take their own great product and food shots. Are you going to join them?


The workshops are intended to start you thinking a lot more about your product photography, and create professional looking product photographs.  It doesn't matter what type of camera you have, you can still take great product shots with a little know-how, time and creativity.

The workshop is all about teaching you no-jargon photography for beginners, so all you happy crafters can get to grips with the settings on your compact or SLR cameras.  The 2-hour workshop is aimed at "kitchen table" businesses, artists and crafters.  The session contains a mixture of short talks, practical sessions and creative chatter (with tea and cake!).  Packed full of technical lessons (minus the jargon), and tips and tricks for creating beautiful shots that show off your products.  You will leave inspired to pick up your camera with confidence.

To get the best out of the workshops, the recommended functions that your camera should have are:

  • Exposure compensation +/-

  • Metering modes (including spot metering)

  • Semi-automatic modes, such as Aperture Priority, Macro setting

  • ISO changes

  • Flash off setting

  • Self-timer

  • White Balance changes


Each "hands on" workshop will cover the following areas:

  • Basic Camera Settings

  • Lighting

  • Backdrops & Props

  • Composition

  • Depth of Field

  • Workshop materials & handouts


The workshop does not include:

  • Advanced studio lighting techniques, use of flash, post processing techniques, or any detailed camera lessons.

  • It is assumed that you know the basics of using your camera when joining the workshop.


Terms & Conditions of Booking:

All payments are final.  Once you have purchased your ticket, no refunds can be made during or after the workshop.  Prior to the workshop you can claim a refund up to 2 days before the workshop begins (minus processing fees).  Spaces on the 2-hour workshop are limited to 6 people.  Your space is secured once you have paid in full.

If you are unable to attend the workshop, you can transfer your ticket for an alternative date.  However, no refunds can be claimed on transferred tickets.

Read the workshop information provided to make sure this is the right workshop for you.

Refunds will not be given if you don't turn up. 

Your Camera:

Basic camera settings will be covered; covering popular functions available on the majority of modern compact and digital SLR cameras.  Not ALL camera functions will be covered and your camera settings may differ to examples show.  It may be necessary for you from time to time to find a setting in your instruction manual.


*** If you would like to hold a workshop, please let me know ***

Just £25 per person!