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If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it's that we need to be adaptable. I've certainly realised that being self-employed, and having bookings cancelled and unable to take further bookings for a while.

I've been extremely fortunate in that I had been helping out in a GP surgery for one or sometimes two afternoons most weeks for about 3 years, before things changed. And I was even more fortunate that the surgery was able to offer me more hours while they themselves had to make major changes in the way they worked.

A lot of my work up to early 2020 had been parties and events, where I attended with my Funtography Experience set, which consisted of a fun themed backdrop, flooring, props. All of this couldn't happen moving forward. As a business owner, I have to ensure that both my clients, and I, are kept safe while working. This meant re-thinking my party and events photography work. I needed to think "outside the box".

So, when things started to get rolling again, I invested in some new equipment!

This was a variation on a theme.

Using the latest iPAD 7mp camera and photo booth software, an adjustable beauty lighting ring light, the selfie stand, and a pop-up gazebo perfect for the little ones for outdoor events during the summer, I was ready to go with my NEW Funtography Selfie Station!

Designing print templates to suit the theme of the event, and having the option for parents to email a copy of the photo to themselves instantly on the day.

Then, I thought...why not add a backdrop to the side of the gazebo instead of the plain silver-grey interior? And so I did!



Enter the Surfing Fun themed Selfie!

Now, we're getting somewhere! I do much prefer having something visual for the kids to get into the spirit of it.

I really enjoyed attending events throughout the summer of 2021, and everyone joining in with the fun. Even the grown ups!













My imagination was buzzing! What to do next?

With party bookings starting to come in again - many of them wanting the new Funtography Selfie Stand at their parties - and Christmas events on the horizon, I was in my element designing different templates and searching for fun backdrops to use.

This was my "Night Before Christmas" backdrop that I bought originally for Christmas 2020, but of course events couldn't go ahead then, so Christmas 2021 it was then.

I absolutely love this one. Using this brilliant print template of Santa holding a frame of the picture taken, it was a magical experience for the kids to see Santa appear right before their eyes!

And to make the experience even more special, I added on-site printing so everyone could go home with a mounted print from the day, as well as emailing the digital file.

Do keep your eyes peeled for Christmas 2022 - it's gonna be an "Express Ride" you will "Believe" in! (think sleigh bells, North Pole, a midnight train, and a rather click-happy Conductor.







Party bookings and other events are coming in thick and fast for 2022, and I'm so grateful to everyone who books me for their special occasions, and who joins in with the fun at public events that I attend.

It's the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations this year, with this fantabulous print template! So look out for the Funtography Selfie Station at a few street parties and fun days - it'll be lovely to see you there!


Teresa xx

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Come in Platform 5! Come in Platform 5! Your Time is Up!

And Boy! Was it HOT!

It must have been the second hottest day of the year, and there was I dressed as an Oompa Loompa! Well, not really, but I was very orange with a blue hat!


Back in August, I was commissioned to take photos of the new Turnback Facility at Stevenage Train Station on behalf of Network Rail & The Spencer Group, who had managed to complete the massive undertaking ahead of schedule.


Arriving around 8:45am to meet the site manager, I was handed a hi-vis vest and trousers in a lovely shade of orange, together with a blue hat, and safety boots. I'd had to let the company know what size feet I am so they could order the boots for me - "oh, well, I'm really only a size 2, but I assume you won't be able to get safety boots in that size, so get me a size 3" I said. 

It was an interesting morning - getting some pics of the new additions to the line that allowed the Hertford trains their own line into Stevenage without blocking the way for the through-trains. I learned quite a lot about how things work on the train lines too, for example when the workers are walking along the sidings, they must wear their safety gear, and when a train is coming they always raise ONE ARM to signal that all is OK. "Whatever you do, don't wave at the train drivers with both arms - they'll think you are in trouble!" I was told.


It was about 30degrees - one of the hottest days of the year. I certainly admire all the workers who dress up in their Oompa Loompa gear and do a hard day's work in the heat!




It's amazing just how much work goes into something that most people would look at and think "why does it cost so much? (it was £30m!)" or "why does it take so long just to add another platform?".  But, walking that stretch of line and being shown just what is involved - the new overheads that had to be installed, the trackbed, those little blue covered grates for access to the drainage along the line, the 130m-long platform, complete with approximately two kilometres of new electrified track and signalling, underground cables, a new-for-Stevenage buffer stop, and integrating the whole thing into the existing walkway; the number of hours involved is certainly justified.


Heading back to the site office to return all the safety gear, I asked "do you want the boots back?" to which the site manager laughed and said "no, you keep them. I don't think they'll fit any of my guys!!" Hahaha.


Check out more information on the Spencer Group's page HERE 


And the next time you're waiting for the train, take a good look at all the infrastructure - it really is awe-inspiring.



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WARNING! INTRUDER ALERT! As I turned the key in the lock, opened the door, and entered into a magnificent architectural foyer, I walked over to turn on the lights, got my camera ready to start taking some photos, and then...


"WARNING! INTRUDER ALERT! Your presence has been detected.  Security has been notified!"


I thought I'd been transported to outer space, and Robbie the Robot had entered the room!


"If you are authorised to be here please put the key against the flashing light"


"What key?" I said to myself?  "What flashing light?"  There was a funny little round silver keyring on the set of keys that I'd picked up from the lettings agent, but I couldn't see any flashing light!


And then...a piercing alarm started to ring out.  I couldn't stay inside with this racket going off, so had to go outside and call the lettings agent who managed to contact the landlord to turn the alarm off remotely. Ahh thankyou peace and quiet!  Only to find 60 seconds later... yes you've guessed it - "WARNING! INTRUDER ALERT! Your presence has been detected.  Security has been notified!"


I need to find this b!&@dy flashing light!  As I walked up the first flight of stairs, there it was - a MAHOOSIVE blue air-raid siren sitting proudly on the window ledge booming at me "security has been notified, if you are authorised to be here please put the key against the flashing light" and as I approached this bellowing beast, I could JUST see a small light flashing at the top - and reaching up I held the little round silver keyring up to it and Hey Presto! it stopped!


Thank goodness for that!


Well, it's not often that I get caught out like that when I go to take some photos at a commercial property I can tell you!  


But this building is really a lovely place - right in the centre of Hitchin, with large office space over 3 floors, and (if you're the CEO or something) allocated parking spaces too!  I spent the next hour getting some pics for the agent's marketing materials.


And my ears have been ringing ever since! hahaha 



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Life After... LIFE AFTER...


The world has changed; a new "normal" is beckoning; a brave new world lies before us...


Whether you've been staying safe working from home, or out working on the front lines, every single person has been affected by the recent upheaval that has spread throughout the world.  Yes, I'm talking about COVID-19 - a new word that has sprouted many new words, like Bubbles, and Social Distancing.  And one that has also sparked new friendships, more kindness and consideration, saying "how are you?" and "stay safe".  And, dare I say it, some confusion too :)


It has also changed the business world quite dramatically - with online Zoom meetings (in your PJs - yes you know who you are!) instead of face to face meetings and conferences; and personal lives have been changed too - be it because weddings, and parties have had to be postponed, jobs have been lost, and sometimes new ventures have evolved out of the chaos.


I've recently updated my Corporate & Commercial images adding new ones to the mix, and I'll be offering some very special deals - so if you or someone you know is in business and would like some new images to launch (or maybe re-launch) your business, keep you eyes peeled over on my Facebook page!




















So, how will your Life After... be?  Me?  I joined an online pub quiz that was launched the first week of lockdown - and has since gone all COVID-19 (i.e. viral) and has generated literally thousands of pounds for charities.  Check Jay's quiz out here - it's great fun and a few of my friends get together via Zoom to join in.


I've also been very lucky to have got work at a local GP surgery whilst my planned events, parties, fairs, and fetes were all cancelled.  I've managed to update my Mac, and looked at new and different ways of working in photography...


I've been busy behind the scenes answering enquiries about getting some new photos for people's businesses - from your standard business headshots, to the more modern environmental images - capturing business owners in the business environment; as well as photos for Open Days, business launches, and products.















You may also have seen on my facebook page that I have introduced a new addition to my Funtography Experience - the Post Box Selfie!  And it's perfect for even the smaller intimate get togethers (like socially distanced garden parties!).

















And I'm also concentrating on my design side of things, through Ivy Louise James Design - where I've re-focussed on creating more of what I love - photographic prints with a twist!  Abstract images, and Blur Images, as well as my cushion cover designs.  I've rejigged my products so that all images are now supplied as Aluminium Di-Bond prints - a lightweight "acrylic-style" frameless wall hanging that, unlike acrylic, is non-reflective and looks chic and stylish on any wall.


So, all things considered, the future looks bright - I hope it holds everything that is good and positive for you too!


Stay Safe!


Teresa xx

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An Admiral Job In England, around 460,000 people are diagnosed with dementia, many who have not had a formal diagnosis.

Dementia UK currently have 382 Admiral Nurses - nurses who support those carers who care for those with dementia.

From face-to-face access and a telephone helpline that has helped over 19,000 carers over the last year alone.

Jan Burt has raised £90,000 over the last 10 years from hosting charity balls, like tonight's event, to smaller events throughout the year - and this year is her 10th Anniversary Gala Ball.  Her resolve has already helped provided an Admiral Nurse for the charity, and she hopes to get to the £100,000 mark by the end of the year!

black, white, and gold backdrop with hamper of props for a photo funtography experience setFuntography area for photos

Tonight's Gala Dinner was an amazing event - with 80 guests dressed to impress, enjoying a delicious 3 course meal at the Brocket Hall Golf Club, as well as entertainment with a "Heads or Tails" game, an auction with an array of sumptuous prizes, and prize raffle, followed by music and dancing with music from the ReBelles.

An upcoming young magician, Henry Wells, wowed guests with his card magic - a name to watch!

With mounted prints being sold on the night, I'm sure Jan raised a fair amount from the event.


And I was lucky enough to be invited to join the guests for the food - which was ABSOLUTELY DEEEEELICIOUS!


Thankyou Jan for letting me be part of the evening - I look forward to working with you again!


Teresa x


Check out the photos here

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Winter Wonderland BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE!

It's November, and it's starting to get cold, but here at the Garden House Hospice Winter Ball everyone was warming up on the dance floor, and raising "loadsamoney" for the charity.

Couple by a gold and white balloon backdrop photo booth mother-in-law and daughter-in-law with gold and white balloon backdrop photo booth

With some stunning venue decor by the talented Belia Events who provided such a beautiful backdrop for my Funtography Experience photo area, and huge light-up letters from Make Your Day Event Hire it was a pleasure to help the Hospice - selling mounted prints on the night helped to raise the fundraising by a further £230, of which 60% (£140) will be donated so thank you to everyone who came over and had a photo or two!

man dancing in front of light up lettersMan dancing lady in silver dress dancing with man in black bow tie and suit

friends in the gold and white backdrop photo booth with fun props and hats and glasses

A brilliant Silent Auction with some amazing artwork, and sporty items, a DJ who got everyone up and dancing all night, and great service from the venue staff - I look forward to hearing how much everyone raised during the night!


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Friends having fun at a Speakeasy 1920s Gatsby themed event in the Funtography photo booth.Speakeasy 1920s Gatsby Funtography Experience Two friends holding toy guns at a Speakeasy Gatsby themed photo boothBugsy & Mole

🎼"We could have been anything that we wanted to be, And I'm not saying we should,
But if we try it we'd learn to abide it, We could be the best at being good guys
Flowers on the earth, Who can even guess how much
A real friend is worth?

Good guys shake an open hand, Maybe we'll be trusting
If we try to understand, No doubt about it
It must be worth while, Good friends to tend to make you smile
We could have been anything that we wanted to be, Yes, that decision was ours

It's been decided
We're weaker divided
Let friendship double up our powers
You give a little love and it all comes back to you"

Couple in 1920s dress, lady smilingCouple in 1920s dress Couple being served at the Speakeasy BarCouple at the Bar

And the Biggleswade Ladies Circle Ladies Circle GB&I President 2019/20certainly gave a lot of love at the NALC Presidents Speakeasy Ball on Saturday night!

Raising funds for Societi, the U.K. Foundation for Kawasaki Disease this year's worthy cause.

With a 1920's theme, peaky blinders, ragtime, flappers, and cocktails, it was a brilliant night.

Two ladies posing on the dance floor at the Speakeasy Gatsby partyLadies on the Dancefloor People dancing at a Speakeasy Gatsby themed partyDancing on the dance floor

Man in hat dancing with women in Gatsby themed outfitsPeople Dancing Ladies dancing and smiling at a Gatsby themed 1920s eventLadies dancing in Gatsby themed outfits

With my Funtography Experience mugshot backdrop, lots of the guests had a fun photo or two, all helping to raise a further £130 for the charity.

Couple with Gatsby Police Lineup themed backdrop and props in the photo boothCouple of gangsters

Thanks everyone for being such great sports!


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Putting Fun into Fundraising! The Annual Twilight Ball 2019!


Every year (bar one) since 2013, I've had the privilege to attend one of the best annual Balls for a local Hospice - The Garden House Hospice Care Twilight Ball.

Funds raised on the night are generously donated to this amazing charity, who provide care and support to not only the people who are affected by a terminal illness, but also to their families.

The Hospice organise a lot of events throughout the year, from Muddy Mayhem, to the London Bridges Walks.  However, the Twilight Ball is organised by two guys Keith Bounsell, and Chris Phillips who work tirelessly throughout the year to get everything organised to host this event.

And what an absolutely amazing evening it was this year!

There were lots of new faces, some unique auction prizes, and entertainment from Luke Clough, Magician.  Music was provided by Mark of MKF Sounds, and Gareth Wesley from Global Media was in attendance as compere and auctioneer - who I think helped to raise the fundraising even more!

I was there to capture the evening, and get some fun photos with my Red Carpet Funtography Experience set - lots of guests joined in for some fun photos, which generated a further £450 in print sales on the night!  60% of this goes straight to the Hospice - helping to raise the total to well over £12,000 for the night.  What an achievement!

All photos from the evening have been added to my online gallery HERE

And 60% of net profits from further sales will also be donated - so come on everyone - let's get FUNdraising!


Teresa x  

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A cup of kindness Burns Night Dinner & Ceilidh in aid of Garden House Hospice Care

"We'll take a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne"

Well, this was a first for me! Although I'm half Scottish (on my dad's side), I've never been to a Burns Night Ceilidh before - but what a great evening!

With an amazing piper welcoming the guests as they arrived, followed by an Address to the Haggis, a fair few drams being downed in one, and then a 3-course meal, ending with a Ceilidh with a fabulous band and "caller" getting everyone up on the dance floor! 

A raffle and auction - and a very special prize: a tin disclosing just what a Scotsman wears under his kilt 😱 Sorry but my lips are sealed lol!


And no, I didn't have any Haggis 😝










I was there with my Funtography Experience photo-booth area with themed props for some fun photos - all raising funds for the Garden House Hospice Care.



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Let's Raise Some Money! I do love a good party - and when people are fundraising for a fabulous charity, it really warms my heart.

Hollie Cawthorn and her partner, Dan, organised a fundraising Ball in support of Macmillan Cancer Support, which took place at the Stevenage Golf & Conferencing Centre in Stevenage on 24th February, and boy, was it a fantastic evening!

Getting some room photos of guests, the venue, and all the amazing raffle prizes donated by local businesses...

A scrumptious buffet, and fab music - everyone enjoyed an evening of food, fun, and dancing - and all whilst raising well over £1700 for the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity...

And setting up my fun photo-booth style backdrop, with printing on the night, lots of the guests were up for some fun prop photos.

Music by JN Sounds of Stevenage

Sweet cart by Candy2Share

Raffle Prizes by lots of local businesses, including Barnabys Florist, Cromwell Hotel, Misya Meze & Grill, Homes & Mortgages, Just 4 Gifts, A&D Framing, J Deamer & Sons, The Fisherman, Medix Pharmacy, Nicola Fulton Hair & Beauty, Cinnabar, Berry World, Favourite Fried Chicken, Standalone Farm, Paradise Wildlife Park, AG Studios, We R Cakes, Bouquets & Gifts, Amwell Studio Photography, Stevenage Golf & Conference Centre, and many more.


Check out the full gallery HERE where further purchases will help raise the total even more!


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Murmurations Every evening around sunset I hear a cacophony of birds as they dart from tree branches to tree branches in the woodland near to my house.  It's an amazing sight to see all the birds swaying, climbing through the air, and then diving down again - and all in harmony.  A swooping network of synchronised behaviour.

And each day, the numbers are greater than the day before.

On Sunday 4th February, I wanted to capture some photos of this phenomenon - I heard the loud sounds they were making, and dashed to my kitchen, where I have a great view of the birds sitting atop the tree branches.  I needed to be quick!  I grabbed my trusty compact camera as it was to hand, and used the full zoom of the lens (1000mm equivalent).  As the light was fading, and the Nikon Coolpix isn't great in low light, I set the focus to manual on infinity and the ISO (light sensitivity) to 1600.  Unfortunately, this meant that the quality of the images weren't great.  So I decided to reduce the ISO back to 100 and my shutter speed much slower to about half a second, to ensure the exposure would be OK.  Now this means you need to keep the camera completely still, and any movement in the birds would show as a blur. 

This is what I got:

Birds in the trees

And you know what?  I kinda liked it!

So I decided to add a bit of intentional camera movement too - and I really love the results.

These give quite an ethereal feel to them, don't you think?

The only editing I've done on these is in Lightroom, to increase the exposure slightly, adjust the white balance, increased the sharpness, and the noise luminance, and then converted to black and white.


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Blue Moon So, who managed to get a view of the amazing full moon on 31st January?  It's quite mesmerising isn't it?

I've seen a lot of pictures from photographers around the world, who managed to get some awesome shots - from early moon rise when it was a blood red colour, to images with such amazing details of the surface of the moon.

Where I live, I'm surrounded by houses and woodland so it wasn't until the moon had risen above these that I managed to get out for a few minutes to get some pictures.  I used my compact camera, a Nikon Coolpix with a 1000mm equivalent zoom lens to get in nice and close to get as much detail as I could.  Probably not as good as I could get with my "proper" camera, my Canon EOS 6D, but nevertheless good enough for a quick snap!

This first one shows how the sunlight scattering through the earth's atmosphere was causing the "blood moon" effect during the lunar eclipse - this must have just been at the end, as the next image shows the moon to be much more whiter.

Blood Moon

Then I took this, which I edited afterwards to get more detail from the image (see the final image at the end) - as this was taken on my compact camera, it was taken in jpeg format only, so the amount of data in the file is much, much less than it would have been from a RAW file on my Canon EOS 6D.

Full Moon

There is a beautiful old tree outside my house, and I'd love to be able to capture a full moon in it's branches!  Maybe next time!

And this is my final edited version, where I added an overlay of stars to create a starry sky effect.

Final edit, with overlay of stars

You can see how much detail I was able to recover from the moon surface, just by using the levels option in Photoshop.  



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Not Your Average Corporate Session! I do love a bit of fun!  And a local Vets Group, Lintbells Ltd, based in Weston, were definitely my type of corporate client!  

Their HR Assistant, Emily, contacted me with a bit of an unusual request - for their staff to be photographed in a fun way!  I was intrigued.  It's not often that I get asked for something "fun" when it comes to corporate photography!

So, I asked Emily the type of images she had in mind - after all, my idea of fun photos might not be quite what they consider fun!  But I was certainly excited to hear that Emily's idea of fun photos was just up my street!  A photo-booth style set up, with props!  


The date was set.  14th December 2017 - only 4 days after the heavy snowfall we had on the 10th - but fortunately, the roads had pretty much cleared up by then.

Of all the staff, only a handful didn't have their photos taken - and those that did, well, what can I say?  In the words of Patsy, "Absolutely Fabulous!"  Everyone joined in with the fun aspect of the session, and I must say it was one of the best corporate staff photo sessions that I've ever done!  

Soooo, who's up for some fun corporate photos?  Contact me and let's set a date!

Teresa xx

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Rutting Season at the Abbey Whilst I take photos and get paid for that, I'm forever still a hobbyist!  It's my way of relaxing, of taking a break from the job, to enjoy the surroundings, the beauty of this planet - to simply just BE.

On Sunday 29th October, I decided to have a wander around Woburn Deer Park, and hopefully get a couple of pics of the majestic deer there.  The day started out quite cloudy, but the forecast was good.  

Parking in the free car park on Park Street, I walked along George Street to the public footpath entrance to the estate.  As I entered the main deer park through the kissing gate at the end of the path, I was greeted with a stunning view of the House and lakes.  I looked around, but couldn't see any deer at all.  Oh, no, I thought.  Maybe I should have come earlier in the season!  

Anyway, I followed the public footpath towards the House and Gardens, and then just as the horse-drawn carriage came over the horizon and down towards the House, a deer skitted out from under the trees!  And guess what?  I missed it!  lol.  It darted off towards the other side of the park (and for me to have followed it meant that I had to follow the footpath back to the start and take the right fork towards the bridge).  Oh, well, I wondered if I could see any deer nearer the house.  But no, so I headed back along the footpath and took that right fork - and I'm so glad I did.  I could just see in the distance all the deer, so I headed off towards them.

Because you have to stick to the footpaths on the estate, the deer were quite a way away.  Luckily, I had my trusty Nikon Coolpix P510 compact camera with me - it has a 42x zoom (for all you photo buffs, it's an equivalent of 1000mm) and I managed to get some photos even though the deer were about 1000m away.  

Then suddenly, I saw a fawn-coloured stag to my right.  I'd walked right passed him and he was about 100m away.  He was busy grazing, and occasionally he'd look up to see what was going on.  And I managed to grab a couple of photos just at the right time!  The sun had started to peek through the clouds, and soon the clouds had dissipated and the skies were blue.  The sunlight hit the last remaining leaves on the autumn trees, and I got some lovely shots.

Woburn House & Gardens are closed now for the winter season, but they do hold a couple of special events, so if you're in the area, I'd highly recommend a visit!  It's a lovely place to just have a wander - just keep to the public footpaths, and enjoy the scenery!

The deer enjoying the sunshine!


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LaHu Studios Styled Wedding Workshop This weekend, I was priveleged to have helped out on an amazing styled wedding workshop (and lucky enough to have been able to take some photos too).

Lauren Hughes, owner at LaHu Studios, is a really friendly, put-you-at-ease type of person, and gets on with everyone.  Oh, and did I mention, she's an awesome wedding photographer!

Lauren ran her first styled wedding workshop from the "gawjus" Belt Craft Studios in North London.  What an amazing location - an industrial workshop type of space with a rustic feel, exquisite colours, textures, and the light was


The workshop included a comprehensive guide on setting up a wedding photography business, aims and objectives, equipment, training, social media, contracts, starting out with your first clients, developing your style, an idea on the wedding day timeline, what to ask your clients, and getting images for your portfolio.



We arrived just before 9am on Saturday to unload and unpack all the beautiful props, dresses, shoes, and lunch! Lauren got all the workshop material ready for the photographers, and started to set up.  With the help of Becky from Flowers by Becky, who styled the scene around their stunning floral displays; and Hair Stylist, Sarah and Make-up Artist, Ally who made our models look beautiful with elegant hairdo's and naturally perfect make-up; the photographers who'd booked for each day were in for a treat.  And Lauren is just such a natural in passing on her experience and expertise to help them build up their confidence for working with brides & grooms, and bridesmaids to get some super images that any wedding couple would be blown away by.


I learned some invaluable tips too!  Those of you who know me know that I don't normally pose people, as I tend to take more candid, natural images, but Lauren's skills in teaching how to direct the couples certainly made me think - and I think I might just be using some of those hints & tips with my next wedding couple!


All the students were great fun - ready to try out different styles and get out of their comfort zones!  And I think they'll be proud of their final images.  I know I'm proud of mine. xx

The professionals:

Lauren Hughes, Photographer

Belt Craft Studios - Location

Sarah Sandwell, Hair Stylist

Allie Bell Mesher, Make Up Artist

Becky Stevens, Florist

Bridal Gowns

Bridesmaids Outfits

Jenny Knowles, Model

Matthew Lightfoot, Model

Helen Molloy, Model

Jade Lyon, Model

Mia Sollis, Model

Nathan Poulson, Model

Lucy Scarfe, Model

Petra Bartha, Model

Teresa Whyte (that's me!), meeter & greeter, in charge of the form signing, and lunch preparer !!



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Twilight Ball 2016 I've been photographing events for the Garden House Hospice for over four years now, from Fun Runs and team-building events like It's A Knockout, to Christmas Concerts and Lights of Life. 

For the past three years, I have also covered their Twilight Ball, (with the help of my very good friend, Jackie who I couldn't do without), held at The Priory Barn in Wymondley  (a unique venue set in rural Hertfordshire) - a fabulous evening organised by the Committee for the Corporate Partnerships that work closely with the Hospice to help raise not only awareness of the amazing work they do, but also help raise essential funds for the Hospice to continue providing care and support services to those diagnosed with a lifel limiting illness, and their families.

The Ball has always been a great evening of lovely people, food, wine, dancing, and fun!  This year was no exception, with 152 attending for a tasty 3-course meal, followed by coffee & mints, a raffle & auction hosted by DJ Gareth Wesley, round-the-table magic with Lee Smith Magician, and mounted prints being sold on the night - at the last count the grand total raised for the Hospice had surpassed a whopping £12,000!

Please have a look at the gallery of images from the evening at THE GALLERY HERE

For all photos purchased on the night, the digital files can be downloaded free of charge.  All other images from the evening can be downloaded for just £5, with proceeds of sales being donated to the Hospice - so please be generous and help raise even more vital funds for this amazing Charity.

Some of the local companies at this year's Ball include Lion Press, LV=, Phillips Digital Print, Barclays, FB Chain, City Remedial, Wine Society, and Odyssey.


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Getting down to business... GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS...

One of my favourite things (and I have a few where photography is concerned!), is working with other Small Business owners, getting some fab images of them at work, doing what they do, getting to know them, how they started, and where they're heading.  All over a cuppa of course!

To book your "Behind the Business" session, whether a one-hour mini-session, or a full session, please give me a call on 0776 1000 709 or email me at with some details about you and what you do.  I look forward to hearing from you.

I've photographed a couple of very different businesses recently: Kerry, owner of Oasis Flowers of Letchworth, is based in her gorgeous home workshop where she creates some stunning bespoke creations for a variety of events and occasions.  Kerry also runs workshops, so you can learn how to make more inspirational displays without breaking the bank!  You will be warmly welcomed to sit and browse through the miriad of ideas for your special day!  



And Kelly, owner and therapist at The Well Being Massage Therapies, aimed at the corporate sector, who offers one-hour massage workshops, great for team-building & wellness day events.  These workshops help promote empathy between peers, well-being and self care, and helps develop awareness of interpersonal communication, and is a great way to relieve stress in the workplace!  


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Pooch Pamper & Portrait Days Woof, woof, Merry Christmas!


How gorgeous were these fabulous pooches, being pampered before posing for their photos!


We held two Doggy Pamper & Portrait days at Gunnelswood Groomers in November 2014, with a doggy goody bag for every one who booked in. 


We set up with a low table and two flash units to create some high key, and some more festive "Merry Christmas" images.  Each pooch had a wash and blow-dry, and they were very excited to have their photos taken looking all soft and groomed, and smelling absolutely lovely!


Here are a few images from the days. 


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"This was our fairytale, and it was perfect" "This was our fairytale, and it was perfect" Jane & David Moulton


Well, what can I say about these two, their children and all their friends and family!


One word – AMAZING!


Jane & David met eleven years ago, and have faced some really difficult times over the years, but their resilience has shone through and their love endured. As Jane put it, “today I get to marry my soul-mate, we stuck at it, worked harder for it and fell more deeper in love”.


And what an absolutely beautiful day, filled with so much love and support from family and friends who travelled from all over the country to share their day.


The ceremony was held at St Mary's Church in Hitchin, which was almost bursting to the seams with guests in attendance! Outside, even more people gathered to see the newly-weds appear to the sound of the church bells resonating their celebration of this beautiful occasion.


Arriving at the venue of an 18th Century mansion known as Hitchin Priory, a steel band played exuding the feel of a true Caribbean style wedding! Table settings on a Caribbean theme, TWO spectacular cake displays, and just one or two speeches (I think I lost count at about nine) including their two sons Remiero and Jai-dea and daughter Mia, who are just simply a credit to Jane & David.


Such a chilled-out event – kids playing on the bouncy castle, music from the steel band, old friends catching up, new friends saying hello. A truly magical day.


And ice cream at the end of it! Now that's my kind of wedding :)


And a honeymoon in Monte Carlo – just fabulous!


Thanks Jane & David! It was a privilege to be part of your day!



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Woof, woof and welcome!  


Sunday 22 June was a glorious warm and sunny morning that saw over 50 very excited but well behaved pooches heading off for a 3-mile walk around Fairlands Valley Park to help raise vital funds for the Garden House Hospice.


With diet and behavioural experts on hand for the hounds, and a lovely spread of cakes and refreshments for the humans, the very First Hounds for the Hospice event was a great success and brought together different breeds of dog from lots of different backgrounds to enjoy a social walk around the beautiful lakes in the centre of Stevenage.


Trophies were awareded for "The Best Dressed Dog" and "The Best Dog & Owner Lookalike", and a raffle for some fabulous doggie prizes finished the event on a high.


Thanks go out to Karen at Garden House for inviting me along, and hope everyone enjoyed the day!


Teresa x

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Garden House Hospice Twilight Ball 2014 I was lucky enough to have been invited to photograph the Garden House Hospice Twilight Ball 2014, which was held at the gorgeous Priory Barn in Little Wymondley, Herts on Saturday 15 March 2014.


What an absolutely brilliant evening, all that planning and organising by the wonderful team at Garden House comes down to one night, a night that is nerve-wracking in the build up but I was full of confidence that we would have a success on our hands.  The Garden House Hospice is a fabulous local charity that offers hospice care and support services to patients diagnosed with a terminal illness, and their families.


So we arrived for 6pm to be able to get into the barn to start setting up the pop-up studio area in a small stall close to the entrance.   With room just enough for a 2m wide backdrop, everyone had to get up close and personal for their photos!  Taking photos of guests as they arrived and during the evening, we raised a grand sum of £460 for the photos purchased on the night, and a whopping 90% of this was donated to the charity.


There was also a raffle and an auction hosted by Gareth Wesley, and which included Ian Poulter's signed polo shirt, Manchester United team signed framed print, 2 signed football shirts, a gorgeous pendant necklace, golf membership, a photo shoot (no not one of mine on this occasion), helicopter ride, and other fabulous prizes.


Lee Smith, Magician was amazing!  He can turn hand-drawn £5 notes into real £5 notes in front of your eyes - I did ask if he could show me how to do that for £20 notes, but he just wouldn't give up his secrets!


Guests can also download further images with royalty-free personal use via the online gallery client access page (Access Code was provided to guests on the night), with 25% of the price being donated to Garden House.  If you do not have the Access Code, please contact me, or Karen Rabjohn or Tina Fletcher.  Thankyou




Funds raised from the evening total in excess of £9,000!  

"We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who helped make the Twilight Ball such a success.The evening was sponsored by many local businesses and restaurants who gave raffle/auction prizes and donations. The generosity and support of  the community and our guests has been overwhelming, raising over £9,000 for the charity"  Tina Fletcher





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A Year in Review 2013 - Wow what a Year!


What a great year 2013 was for some wonderful weddings, perfect parties, family "fotos" and entertaining events!  And not forgetting some great destinations for photography!


I was lucky enough to have photographed some lovely weddings throughout the year, from an almost snow covered Theobalds Park wedding back in February to a wet one at Minstrel Court in August and the wedding of two very special people Denise & Keith on a beautiful autumn day in October!  


As well as weddings and portrait sessions, I covered charity events for some very worthy causes including Age UK, Herts Air Ambulance and Garden House Hospice; and a couple of parties too.


It was a great year to visit some stunningly beautiful places too - from the Lake District to Weymouth, local National Trust properties to places further afield, like Croatia and Las Vegas, I've been able to add some lovely images to my collections.


Thanks to everyone for supporting me throughout the year, and I look forward to seeing some of you again in 2014!



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Weekend in Weymouth May Bank Holiday saw twelve of us head south to Weymouth (or Weyhey! Mouth) as it is now affectionately known :)  Arriving on the Friday to glorious sunshine and blue skies, a chilly wind and ice cream and cream teas all round!

Exploring the town through the narrow streets of quaint little souvenir shops and tea shops to the Old Harbour where we found a lovely place to eat at The Old Rooms Inn overlooking the quay.

Cooked breakfasts every morning at The Whitecliff  definitely set me up for our full days ahead!

Three groups set off to solve a murder mystery treasure hunt around the old town on Saturday - although our team did get a bit distracted - first with a group of rugby players having some initiation fun on the beach.  The Alresford Rugby Team were great fun! All with a different Mr Men persona we just had to have a photo or two before the freshers set off to rescue their team-mates from "drowning" in all of 12inches of water.  Such fun!  Then art & craft centres & galleries added a further detour from the route before getting to the end with 3 suspects left!  Oops we missed something along the way, but we did guess the murder weapon!

Sunday saw us on a trip to Portland, walking around the southern point by the Trinity Lighthouse and taking in the amazing scenery here and the light was just exquisite.  The Fresnel lens is a spectacular invention (and great for a photographer looking for abstract effects!)

Weymouth was holding a Kite Festival and Sunday was the best day for the kite enthusiasts with a steady wind to keep them aloft - the kites not the enthusiasts!

As the evenings came to a close, this gave me (along with my friend Karen, also a photography fanatic) an opportunity to capture the lights & lasers of Weymouth and the effects they created - the reflections in the water, a slower shutter speed to create a surreal effect.  Although limited by the PASM capabilities of my trusty Nikon Coolpix compact camera, I think I managed to get some pretty effective shots. 



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Viva! Las Vegas - WOW It was early 2012 when my friend Adele decided she wanted to "do Vegas" to celebrate her 40th birthday, and promptly sent an email round to friends and family to see who would like to join her! 

Well, having taken redundancy in January, I thought yes I would love to go to Las Vegas - but not having a guaranteed income at the time I couldn't commit straight away.

When my work prospects improved, I made the decision to go for it - and so it happened, flights & hotel were booked way back in May or June 2012.  Six of us plus some of Adele's family and other friends were geared up for a fabulous 6 days in March 2013.

As each day passed, the summer sun set, autumn leaves fell, Christmas came and went and a new year beckoned - we were all getting more and more excited as the days of March gradually reached the 23rd.  Whoohoo we were off!

We arrived to glorious sunshine and warmth - lovely!  We had planned to "do the Strip" by walking, skating and 3-legged racing to raise money for a UK charity that had provided support to someone dear to Adele's heart.  Well Sunday morning saw us doing the Miranda Gallop and 3-legged racing along the Strip to Dennys to meet up with Adele's brother and sister-in-law for breakfast.  Then on to visit the amazing themed hotels and taking it all in, from a Gondola ride at the Venetian to a ride on the curved escalators at Caesars Palace, dolphins, lions and tigers at The Mirage to sweets & roller-coasters at New York, New York (no I did not go on it!!).  All the buildings appeared to be models but on a huge scale!  So surreal.

Visiting the Grand Canyon on Tuesday including a helicopter ride to the river at the bottom and a boat trip to admire our surroundings - well words just cannot do it justice.  I think the most used phrase of the day was WOW, WOW, WOW.

Cirque du Soleil "Beatles Love" show was the event planned for Wednesday evening - now I'm not into the Beatles music really, but wow (yes it's that word again) the show was brilliant!  With hints of the Olympic Opening Ceremony and Alice in Wonderland weaving through the design and effect, it is definitely a show not to be missed.

We packed so much in, we all referred to that morning as "the other day"! :)

Well, whilst this was mainly a holiday for me and a chance to help Adele celebrate her 40th, I did of course have my camera with me to capture the skyline of Vegas and the greatness of the Canyon, and when getting lost in the Venetian, we came across a photographic art gallery - with images by Peter Lik an amazing photographer who captures the essence of the natural world like no other.  Wow!  I was hooked.  This is just what I've wanted all my life - to have a gallery of my own images, huge images the size of the side of a house, on display for everyone to admire.  The artwork seemed to bring the images to life - it was like standing in Central Park, or in the Grand Canyon and beyond!

Having taken images of the natural world myself, I wanted to expand on this and so I decided to create a collection called Aspects: fragments of a scene: a tree, leaves, water, and focus in on just a small section to create an abstract image.  Available in 10"x 10" square flush-mounted prints or flush-mounted & sealed with a satin laminate in a box-frame, they can be displayed individually or combined to create stunning montages.



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Malta Life
This year I couldn't decide just where to have my overseas holiday - decisions decisions! September or October before the winter sets in at home - somewhere hot with history in abundance.
Sicily, Malta or Tunisia I thought. Facebook friends - HELP!
Well, thanks to some good responses I decided on Malta. My dad had been based out there for a little while when he was in the navy and mentioned how nice it was too. Booked then!
Leaving on 9 October we arrived very late so straight to bed. Waking up to glorious sunshine and blue skies - heaven! A short meeting with the rep to arrange a couple of organised trips out before exploring the quaint streets and life in Mellieha for the day.
I couldn't believe how hilly the island was! I had thought of hiring a bike but although whizzing downhill would be great, I know I couldn't have ridden uphill and to try and contend with the motor cars and buses? I don't think so!
The bus service was excellent though - anywhere in the island, any bus, more than one trip all for Euro2.60! Amazing value.
Thursday was the Malta Highlights Tour visiting Mosta and the amazing church, the old city of Mdina, Valletta hospital and Malta Experience history film and the Limestone Heritage site in Siggiewi; Sunday was the Harbour Market in Marsaxokk, Harbour Cruise around Valletta and then off to the Trot Racing at Malta Racing Club. Great fun, amazing history and beautiful locations!
I'd certainly recommend the island for a visit.
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