I, Teresa Whyte, of Studio 66 Photography am the rightful owner of all images on this website.

Personal galleries are available only with a unique link, or password. 

1. Reproduction License:

I grant a lifetime, personal, non-commercial use licence to the purchaser of digital image files to print, or have printed reproductions of the image for display in their home.  The images cannot be used for commercial purposes, and must not be duplicated nor shared to other parties.

Original copyright remains with the photographer.  The photos may be printed but not altered, manipulated, or edited in any way.  Any alteration is a violation of the copyright.

Unless otherwise agreed, the photographer retains the right to use the images at any time for any lawful purpose, including competition entries, advertising, or otherwise promoting her work.  When displaying purchased images on social media, credit should be given to the photographer.

NON-GUARANTEE: To maintain the quality of the images, it is advised that printing and reproduction are carried out by a professional printing lab, via Studio 66 Photography.  I cannot guarantee the quality of prints or other products, including poor colour, cropping, or any issues that alter the image quality due to using third party printing labs.  To maintain the quality, it is advised that high street and supermarket labs are avoided.  Prints and other products from a professional lab are available via Studio 66 Photography.  Please contact me for pricing.  Once digital images have been downloaded, it is the client's responsibility to keep the digital files safe, and backed up to a computer, external hard-drive, and/or cloud-based storage.

2. Permission to Use for Commercial and/or Profit:

You may request permission to use the copyright materials on this website for Commercial Use by using the contact form, or by email to [email protected], or by post to Teresa Whyte, Studio 66 Photography, 126 Meredith Road, Stevenage, Herts SG1 5QT.

See also: 

Copyright permission fact sheet from the UK Copyright Service.

2a. Rates & Examples of Commercial Use:

Rates for Commercial Use are chargeable on a case-to-case basis.

* Online/digital media / Editing and production

* Online/digital media / Writing and research

* Photography / Books

* Photography / Broadcasting

* Photography / Corporate work

* Photography / Magazines

* Photography / National newspapers

* Photography / Production charges / expenses

* Photography / Public relations

* Photography / Regional newspapers

* Photography / Videography

* Photography / Online use of photos

3. Enforcement of Copyright:

If it is discovered that you have used my copyright materials in contravention of the Reproduction License above, legal proceedings may be brought against you, where monetary damages and an injunction to stop you using those materials will be sought. You could also be ordered to pay legal costs.